Life & Technology – 2GB 05th December, 2020

On the show this week, we invited Costa Avgerinos, LG Signature Category Manager and talked about the LG Signature Wine Cellar.

The LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar is humidity controlled as well, combatting flavour and label degradation, while a low-vibration compressor ensures a gentle environment for the wine further safeguarding the flavour and characteristics of your wine.

Watch our feature of the Wine Cellar here. 

We also had Chris Emerson, Business Development Manager from Navman and discussed about personal navigation devices. As we get closer to hitting the road, and it’s summer, and smartphones cook on dashboards of cars, and people are just starting to find this out, I think it’s a great discussion to have that personal navigation devices are still a good investment!

Life and Technology – Saturday December 5th