Life & Technology – 2GB 05 February, 2017

Telstra And Netgear's New 4G Modem Downloads At 1000Mbps.

USB-C Power Meter Helps You Spot Counterfeit Accessories Before They Fry Your Gadgets.

Salt Water Is All You Need To Power This Lamp For 80 Hours.


This week on Life and Technology, Charlie speaks to Optus VP of Mobile Products, Tim Cowan about their newly launched native Voice over WiFi-or WiFi Calling, allowing customers to easily make and receive calls, SMS and MMS where there is limited mobile coverage but an accessible WiFi service such as home or public WiFi.  


To beat the course, you must know the course. Victory is at hand with Approach G30. This week on Life and Technology, Charlie chatted with Garmin Australasian GM, Adam Howarth about their small but powerful handheld Golf GPS. 


This week on Life and Technology, Charlie got to know more about MOJO Power Australia at the same time get some energy savings tips from MOJO CEO and co-founder, James Myatt.  

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