Life & Technology – 2GB 03rd July, 2021

As promised last week, we will talk about PowerLine technology and we invited Graeme Reardon, Managing Director – ANZ from D-Link who discussed this with us. 

PowerLine essentially allows you to run your Ethernet data across your electricity network simply by connecting a couple of PowerLine adaptors that ‘talk’ to each other by plugging each of them into a standard power socket. The devices are usually paired together from the factory, with built-in security, so that the set-up experience is literally plugging in the pair of adaptors, connecting one of them to your router via a supplied Ethernet cable, whilst the other unit can be positioned up to 100m away.

As Graeme mentioned, if you want to run Powerline across multiple electric circuits in the home, you need the AV2 format. Also, speeds will drop jumping between circuits so get a faster speed solution for such a scenario. 

Here are some of the Dlink Powerline products.
PowerLine AV500 Mini Network Starter Kit
PowerLine AV2 1000 Gigabit Passthrough Kit

Graeme also mentioned that DLink has a dedicated page for all their Powerline products.

And a few more from products from another provider TP-Link with little descriptions:

This is our top spec Powerline Kit – TL-PA9020P kit, no Wi-Fi on this model. 2 x  Ethernet on each device, Homeplug AV2 standard – AV2000 speed.

This one is also high spec and has a Wi-Fi network too. 1 x ethernet on the device you connect to router, 3 at other end. Homeplug AV2 standard – AV1300 speed.

We also played a pre-recorded interview we had with Jason Carrick, General Manager of Sales from TCL who shared their latest TCL TVs in 2021. 

We also featured the C825 from last week’s CyberShack TV episode, you can rewatch the segment here. 

Coming in 55, 65, 75 and 85-inch sizes, the TCL Mini LED 4K C825 is one exceptional TV. Display technology has been revolutionized yet again with Mini-LED full-array.

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