Life and Technology – 2GB October 12th


This week on the Life and Technology Radio Show on 2GB, Charlie will be talking about digital television and internet security. Our first guest is Nigel Dent of Harvey Norman who talked about the transition to digital television in light of the national digital roll out that will be finalised this year.


Nigel and Charlie specifically talked about how ordinary people will be able to make the transition in the most convenient way possible. They also talked about the types of content that people can expect from digital TV, the different technology on offer and how much some of them are going to cost.


Also on the show today is ex-ethical hacker turned security expert Rik Ferguson from Trend Micro to talk about the changing face of digital security in the mobile world.


Charlie also answered some questions from the show’s listeners, and including the below topics:


– New Ultrabooks running 4th Generation intel Corei7 processors, are releasing to the market across different PC companies. Charlie suggested this is a great place to start for students, with the extended battery life and new power options. Models are still rolling out from vendors, but look for new models from Toshiba, HP, Lenovo, Acer and Asus. We'll add a link later to where you can find some exact models.


– Putting a wireless router into your home, make sure it is wireless AC enabled to ensure the fastest data transfer around the home for your current and future devices, And the widest coverage from the router to.


For those who missed the show, you can listen to our weekly podcast using this link.