Life and Technology – 2GB November 23rd

A couple of great news made this week’s headline. For starters, HP held an event yesterday that featured its newest Chromebook and tablet range. Charlie talked to Jeff Woodhouse from HP about these new products.


Also on the show was Daniel Hall, the Product Manager of Belkin Australia. He talked about some clever tips on how customers can improve their Wi-Fi coverage in their homes using single SSID technology.


We answered a few questions that came from the show’s listeners and followers on Twitter including the below:

– Crimping with HDMI cables – Click Here

– How not to have to rip out HDMI cable from the wall when you snap the head off the original cable.

From Bill – HDMI problem he does not need to rip out gyprock just get new cable attach it to broken cable and pull out old cable gently from other end thus feeding new cable into position, heaps easier than the gyprock, god luck

From Patrick – There is no reason to tare out the wall. Tie a small bit strong rope/cord to the broken end. Pull it back through the wall to is source. The cord will not through the access point within the wall. Connect the cord to the new HDMI cord and pull back through gently.

Also, more questions on how to connect USB flash drives to your iPad. Try this product – Click Here

. In case you missed the show, you can use this link to listen to our weekly podcast.


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