Life and Technology – 2GB December 7th


Last Saturday on the Life and Technology Radio Show on 2GB, we had Professor Frank Vitere from the University of Melbourne to talk about the NUI Research Centre in Melbourne and how they used Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect with their research.


Here are some of the things we discussed:


  • What is NUI technology?
  • How did the research centre come about?
  • Are there benefits of this technology beyond gaming?
  • How has this relationship between Microsoft Kinnect and Melbourne University developed?
  • What research can we expect to see coming out of the NUI Research centre?


We also discussed about Sony’s brand new PlayStation 4. And we have Sony’s Michael Ephraim to give us some info about what has been dubbed as the company’s fastest-selling gaming console.


Also, I gave a few insights about the latest news in the tech space including the recently concluded CyberThreads competition, the USB Type-C connector and the $1000 smart glass by Vuzix. I also answered some questions from twitter and the show’s listeners.


For comments, suggestions and other matters related to today’s show, you can leave them here using the comment box below. For those who weren’t able to join us last Saturday, here's the link to our weekly podcast..