Latest Smart TVs on The Today Show

On The Today Show we showed off some of the cool features coming in the latest Smart TV’s. In truth each tv has many cool features, but some have some features that are exclusive to the one set. Below are the different models we looked at on the show in more detail –

Samsung Series 8 LED Smart TV
•    Motion/voice/facial interaction
•    AllShare Play – Galaxy Tablet, and Samsung Galaxy SII smartphone connectivity
•    Video Apps – BigPond Unified App, Samsung Music Hub’s music video (QuickFlix and FOXTEL coming soon)
•    Catch-up TV apps – 7PLUS, ABCiView
•    Social media Apps – YouTube, Skype, Twitter, Facebook etc.
•    $4,599

Panasonic Full HD 3D IPS LED LCD TV
•    Viewers can ‘tap and flick’ content such as movies, images and music stored on their Smartphone or tablet directly to their VIERA TV
•    Content providers BigPond Movies and Quickflix, to social networking on your TV, and a web browser.
•    A Smartphone or Tablet Device can be used as a TV remote control with the SMART VIERA Remote App Version 2.0.
•    Social Networking TV – use Facebook or Twitter while watching TV. 
•    Skype offers ‘Split Screen’ feature, allowing viewers to simultaneously watch TV while video calling family and friends
•    Recording from your TV using an external HDD or SD Memory Card.
•    RRP: $2849

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV
•    The Dual Play function combats the previous ‘fixed split-screen’ experience, where player one would watch their scene unfold on the top half of the TV, and player two would watch their scene on the bottom half. With special glasses each player gets to see their own separate screen and full size.
•    The Magic Motion remote allows you to point and click, similar to a computer mouse, and will also respond to simple gestures and voice commands.
•    With a focus on sharing great content, WiDi allows the consumer to push personal and online content from an Intel Wireless Display-enabled laptop onto the LG Smart TV.
•    With 2nd Display allolws you to watch TV on your smartphone or tablet PC from anywhere within the range of wifi, providing location flexibility that was previously not available.
•    A number of the new models in the range also feature LG’s unique floating stand providing a stylish and uncluttered appearance that will blend seamlessly with any setting, and can swivel ensuring your view is optimised from the angle you are sitting.
•    $4,599

Sony Bravia HX850
•    Organises internet content into simple to navigate channels. A dedicated SEN (Sony Entertainment Network) remote key takes you to dozens of internet TV channels, movie services, streaming music and games.
•    The HX850 also uses Sony’s Motionflow XR technology which reduces blur caused by quick camera movements.
•    Access to Sony’s own music streaming service (Music Unlimited), which allows you access to over 7,000,000 songs and 4 movie services including.
•    The BRAVIA range also allows you to browse the internet, use Facebook and Twitter, use a host of apps, make video calls with Skype all while watching your TV.
•    RRP: $3,500