iPad and iPhone Security An Issue


iPhone and iPad security vulnerability has been in the news lately with some concerned their device can be remotely enslaved. However the rigmarole you’d have to go through for that to happen is quite lengthy. You would get an email from cyberscammers, which you’d have to open, click on a link within the email and download a pdf file, which would open your unit to security vulnerability.  So the chance of you being open to a scam is remote. Plus the likes of Microsoft etc issues patches to get rid of such things.

There were also issues about some Telstra shops loading costs that were not advertised in their plans. Telstra owns some of its T-life stores and some are franchised. Some of the franchised stores were not compelled to follow the Telstra plans, which were more than the Telstra plan. That was the problem there. Before you sign into a phone or internet service make sure you know all the up front costs.

With phone calls today Clare had a problem with her computer being super slow to start up. What happens with Windows-based machine is that there is an area of the computer called the registry, which can become bloated over time when you install and uninstall programs and causes your computer to slow down. You can run a program called Clean Sweep that gets rid of all the unwanted stuff on the computer.

Jamie wanted to know if there were smartphones with Gigabyte plans. There are, including Telstra and Optus – some go up to 7GB of data a month.

Andy called and said one of the good, free programs he used to clean his registry is Easy Cleaner by ToniARTS.

Adam is with BigPond and was wondering what a T-Box does. It’s two things – a persona l video recorder for free to air television andiIt streams content over the internet, so it is an IPTV device. The speed is affected by how many people are using the internet.

Judy has a three year old laptop. She switches it on, the fan come on for quite a while and Judy  was wondering if anything was wrong with it. The fan is cooling down the computer, but if you have any worries I suggest getting a portable hard drive make sure do a back up.

Fiona’ computer screen is going dark. It’s probably the graphics card issue, or it could be the monitor going. Try out the monitor on another computer and if it is still going dark, then that is the issue. If not, then it is likely to be the graphics card.

Harry wanted to know about the iPhone and was wondering when he could get one because they are sold out. He said there is a three-month waiting list, and I find that easy to believe.