Internode NBN Plans are Deflating

I feel somewhat deflated this afternoon. Internode has released their NBN pricing and from first look, it’s a heavy internet user’s paradise. But these plans don’t appeal to me, and looking at the offer I would prefer to stay where I am, with my current internet service. Unfortunately, the choice may not be mine, as Optus has sold back their Cable network to the NBN, and all customers will be moved to the new optical fibre cable when it is rolled past the customers house. Will that mean my provider will adopt a similar pricing structure?

Here is the breakdown, and this is subject to change –


Port Speed *

30 GB

200 GB

300 GB

1 TB


12/1 Mbps






25/5 Mbps






50/20 Mbps






100/40 Mbps





* Port speeds noted here are the nominal NBN access port speed only, and are not necessarily indicative of the Internet data transfer speeds the services will achieve in practice.

Currently I am using Optus Cable, for $80 a month that gives me 120 Gb a month, speed of 80/1.2 Mbps, a phone line and $30 in call credit. I can down grade the speed whenever I want without cost and save $15. This is a great option for times of the year when I am not working (December/January) or simply don’t need the speed (when I go on holidays and am not at home!). Data allowance stays the same during the speed downgrade.

At first look, the comparable NBN plans are not in the ball park. Compared to what I have now I have the option to pay more for the same speed and data, or less for a far slower speed and data allowance.

In short – that sucks.

I may choose the Bronze 30GB, and save $5 a month, but I will get less data and about half the download speed (than with downgraded speed Optus cable).

If I want to spend the same amount of money I spend now ($80 a month), I can get Bronze speed and 200 GB – no thanks, not fast enough. OR I can get Gold speed and 30 GB of data, no thanks, I use more data than that.

I don’t actually see the benefit of that either.

Looking at the pricing table, I would see the benefit of being on the NBN kicking in with a monthly investment of $100. That is not me, but it will for many families with a few teenage kids that are heavy users of the internet. These plans will see the customer enjoy fast downloads with little loss of service quality when the whole family is online.

However, when the NBN comes passed my house, I would be more than likely to stay where I am, with the current service I have, until that is Optus Cable internet stops being offered through Optus Cable, and the service is then offered through the NBN.