I Have Played With The Omnia and I Liked What I Saw

It’s an exciting morning when you go to breakfast at a schmick hotel and the guys at Samsung are there talking about the afternoon’s presentation where they will unveil their new hero product the ‘Omnia’. It’s even more exciting when they have the hero product in their hand and say ‘here, check it out’.

I was a kid in a candy store… from the leaked details on the web, the Omnia sounds like an iPhone but runs off windows mobile OS. Well, it is exactly that and although I only had three minutes to play with it I liked what I saw.

This is not an Omnia review, how can you review a product in three minutes? This is more an Omnia glimpse.

The size of the device is much the same as the iPhone, it’s thin, light and strong. It feels really solid. The touch screen display is great, the icons don’t fly around the screen like on the iPhone but busting your way through the menu is easy and fast. Up the right side edge of the Omnia are volume controls, and at the bottom of the front panel a cancel/back button.

In the back is a 5.0 mega pixel camera and from taking a few happy snaps of the unsuspecting diners mulling over their breakfast I noticed it had the ‘auto face focus’ feature that most good cameras have.

I did have to hand back the Omnia much sooner than I had suspected as it was going to be used in this afternoon’s presentation! However I look forward to taking a closer look at the device tonight.

Charlie Brown travelled to CommunicAsia courtesy of Samsung