Help Me Help You Find Your Lost Camera


This morning on the Today Show we discussed digital camera's and what you can do to help you find them if they get lost. The camera I use is one of my favourite gadgets. Not only does it take great shots, with loads of features I can use to tweak my shot settings, it has loads of 'auto' modes so my wife can easily use it too! It would be a bad day if I lost it.

Our original idea for this segment was to discuss how websites are popping up around the web that help us to find lost camera's. Check out the 'I Found Your Camera Blog to see what I mean. People who find lost camera's can use this site in the USA to post pictures from the camera online so the owner can hopefully find them.

To ensure my camera could be returned to me if lost, I have added a small text file to the memory card that lists our office address, my email address and a quick sentence on how I will reward the honest person who returns the camera with something nice. All the person who finds the camera needs to do is look on the memory card and they will easily find the note.

If you use windows it is simple to do this yourself. Just 'right-click' in the memory card or Camera folder and select 'New', and then 'Text Document'. Write your note, then save a file name such 'Open Me If I Am Lost'.

Now we have all had some pretty bad experiences with lost camera's and the photo's that are on them – if you have an experience you want to share we would love to hear them.