Harvey Norman's Health And Fitness Zone

I spent all of yesterday shooting some videos at Harvey Norman with the company’s General Manager of Online, Gary Wheelhouse (pictured – left). The company is being very proactive in the fitness space with has established the Health and Fitness Zone in some of its stores – and area where health and fitness tech devices rule!

I predict that this market will explode in the near future, not because we will suddenly become a nation of fitness fanatics (we already are), but because tech companies are now producing high-end, high-quality device that do more than just test your pulse – and they won’t break the bank either.

Like what? you might ask. Well, Gear 4 has released the SleepClock (which we have reviewed here). It is a wireless device that uses algorithms to measure your sleep. Not only does it double as an alarm clock, but it also will tell you what time you fell asleep, how many times your sleep was interrupted during the night, and also the type of sleep you had – whether it light or the all-important deep – or REM – type sleep that your body craves when resting.

There are also many types of heart rate monitors, that not only measure beats per second, but allows you to wireless download to you PC about your different training regimes and whether you are meeting targets. And in the case of the BodyMedia Fit device, not only will it tell you if you are getting enough exercise, but whether it is the right type. I could go on, but be on the lookout for these videos, and once they are up and running I’ll let you know so you can check out some of these devices yourself.