Get Fast Broadband In The City Now, Just Be Prepared to Move

If you live in the city, you will need to wait for fast broadband under the National Broadband Network (NBN) – in fact, chances are it will be at least two years away from arriving. This is about the length of time a contract will last for most of the fast internet speed offerings that are out there. So why wait ? Here’s how you can join the revolution now!

You can get similar speeds to the NBN right now, however most internet users don’t realise how. Fast internet, for the purpose of this write up is broadband speeds 70 megabits or higher. Co-incidentally, ADSL2+ is a 22 megabit theoretical speed.

Before I outline some of the services around the country that offer blisteringly fast broadband, at a competitive price – I need to say this: you may have to change where you live to take up the opportunity. This might involve moving house, or moving cities. I know it sounds ridiculous, but many of the people who I have spoken to who are using fast broadband, planned their home rental or purchase around this service being present!

Optus Cable Broadband – Premium Speed Broadband

During the 1990s Optus rolled out its Optus Vision cable into the suburban streets of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. This cable promised the world of cable television to the residents whose house it passed by. Today, Optus has up-graded its cable service to use technology called Docsis3. This technology has been used in countries like the USA, by operators like Comcast, to offer internet speeds much faster than ADSL2+. Optus has had the cable sitting there, and now, with the Docsis3 tweaking, offer an internet service that is one of the best in the country for speed and price.

The big tell tale sign that Optus cable is available in your street is a large, ugly, low hanging black cable strung between the telegraph wires. If you see that, then call Optus (1800 780 237) and tell them your address. Plans start from $100 once you have added your phone service and cable broadband together, and the contract runs for two years.

The Good:
$100 a month is not bad for internet speed that will change your life
Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane location covers millions of Australians

The Bad:
You have to bundle a phone line – who needs one of these anymore!

Telstra Big Pond Cable

In parts of Melbourne, Telstra has upgraded its cable broadband network. Speeds of 30MBps have been increased to 100 megabit. The speed is phenomenally quick, and feedback from the technology community who have subscribed to this service has been overwhelmingly positive. Working out whether you can access the service is more tricky, Foxtel cables used to carry the service are buried, and not all areas of Melbourne are up-graded (even if they have Foxtel cable running down the street). In my opinion, it sounds like Telstra started up-grading their cable, and then stopped when the Government announced the NBN. However that could just be a timing coincidence.

The Good:
100 megabit is fast
Realistic prices start at $99 a month over 24 months
One cable for internet, paytv and VOIP

The Bad:
If you can work out the Telstra rate card, you should be given a Competency of Understanding certificate.
Too few house are able to sign up

Greenfield Estates
If you’re looking for a house in a new housing development, it may be an estate that has been ‘fibred’. That means the developer has laid optical fibre around the estate (instead of copper) to carry internet and other communication services. The cost of doing this is higher and may be reflected in your home price, but the benefits far outweigh the cost over the long term. Further, your estate needs to be ‘back boned’ by an internet service provider, so the fast data speed doesn’t just travel across the estate quickly, but onto the internet quickly too. Companies like Internode have been proactive in this area, and you can read more about what estates they are working with and the prices of their fibre plans here

The Good:
100 megabit from $80 is a great offer
Fast upload speeds of 8 megabit (allow high def video and other content benefits)

The Bad:
There are very few estates where you can get this service

So, the services are out there and they are affordable. They may be just down the road, or outside your house. The NBN is coming later for capital city customers so look into how you get the above services now and begin your experience with super fast internet access.