Gadgets on the Today Show May 11

Hi Everybody, hope you all had a great weekend. Had a lot of fun on the Today Show this morning, and in case you missed it, or wanted clarification on some of the products, I have summarised what we showcased today. As usual, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sony Bravia WE5
This LCD from Sony is a little different from other, similar brands on the market in that it has a “presence” sensor, which can tell when there is no movement in the room. If it detects no movement over a certain amount of time, it switched the television off. The good thing is, that you get to set the time. If you have teenage kids who always leave the television on, or you are a little forgetful yourself, this provides the best power-saving solution. Its RRP is $3,199, but I have seen it in some shops for $2,800.

Canon Selphy Printer

This is a neat little device that is ideal to take on holiday. Sure, you can download your SD card chock full of pics and email them to friends. But there is nothing like instantaneous, tangible prints to hand out to friends and family while visiting them. These are lab-quality pictures and it has a UV-protective coating. You can store up to 999 images on the unit, and the cartridge comes with ink and paper.

Kensington Essentials Kit For Netbooks
With a lot of kids now having their own notebook PCs for school, I thought it about time we looked at security issues. Whether parents like it or not, some kids are prone to getting their notebook stolen, or accidentally leave it on the bus. This kit comes with a security lock, a wired optical mouse, and a neoprene sleeve for protection. I realise that the lock will not stop the notebook being stolen if a thief is committed to taking it, it is seen more for its deterrent value than anything.
Kensington Australia