Gadgets on the Steve Price Show Dec 10

Final show of the year on Steve Price this morning, so I took in a few gadgets that could be suitable Christmas. For dad there is the Nokia Navigator, a mobile handset that doubles as a portable navigation device and will not break the budget. It’s nice and compact and will be a great gift.

Icarly is a Wii game for girls based on the Nickelodeon television programme of the same name. It allows players to enter the chaotic world of Carly and her friends, with plenty of interactive mini games.

For the teenager there is th iPod Nano music player, but can also take video player and allows you to listen to the radio, too.

The portable hamburger speaker, which you can take anywhere and attach it to your portable MP3 player, so it is ideal for going on that camping holiday or spending a tonne of time at the beach during summer.

Something for your teenage daughter, or social wife, is the the Samsung B3310 handset, which is designed for social networkers in mind. A simple little device that makes SMSing, updating Facebook and MySpace, quick and easy.

Some of these gadgets will shown on Cybershack at 11am this Sunday.

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