Gadgets On Kerri-Anne Sept 22

Clip courtesy of the Kerri-Anne Show
With school holidays just around the corner, thought it appropriate to talk to Kerri-Anne about things that are in the pipelin for the holidays. One little gadget that caught my eye was the Star Wars Force Trainer. A little expensive at $249, but still a great little gadget that is really a meditation device. It uses wireless technology to measure your brainwaves while you concentrate and allows you to move a ball up and down depending on how hard you concentrate.




Also had a look at the DualSim phone, which allows users to have two SIM cards in the one phone. Handy for business or personal use, or one kids can use whereby they have one card for friends and another for their family. There are a couple of units out there that do this. This particular one I’m not sold on. Looked a bit flimsy in my opinion.



Then there was the iPod Shuffle, which is quite a good little portable music player. Being Apple, it reeks quality, and is probably a good starting point for a kid in that it only costs $79. The only downside to it is that it doesn’t have much room compared to other MP3 players. Then again, some of the more expensive ones have more features.



Demonstrated the sling box, which I’ve mentioned before. You download some software to your PC, connect the box to your media centre or television and you can stream you television to your PC anywhere you like. It’s a mobile solution to your television watching needs. Very cool.



Finally, there was the new Sony portable console, the PSPgo. Unlike its predecessor, you download games (either free or at a cost) from the Playstation Network. You can also use a Skype feature, and it is bluetooth enabled.