Gadgets For Holidays On The Today Show

Spoke with Ben this morning on the Today Show about some interesting gadgets that can be utilised over the holiday period. We’ve already had a few queries, so here they are:

Bluemouth Nintendo 3DS Parental Control

  • Allows parents to control the amount of time a child uses the 3DS
  • You put the 3DS into a case and a special SD card reader into the SD slot
  • You plug a key into the electronic case
  • This key allows you to set a time limit
  • Time limit is 20, 30 45 or 60 minutes using removable electronic key
  • Will sound a 10 minute warning to the child that time is almost up
  • If child ignores warnings and doesn’t save game it will automatically turn itself off when time is up
  • Available May
  • Stockists: Big W, EB Games, Dick Smith, Target, GAME
  • Separate parental control device also available for PS3
  • RRP: $49.95

iWorld SilverLit Remote Control Ferrari

  • Use your iPod touch, iPhone as your remote control
  • App dash board design from Ferrari signals
  • Variable speed & steering control, on car steering trim alignment, head lights, tail lights, signal lights
  • Authentic Enzo Ferrari Design
  • Full gesture control
  • Sound effects straight from Ferrari
  • RRP : $ 89.95 inc GST
  • Available from www.

Wallee Headrest for iPad

  • iPad clicks into the cover nice and comfortably
  • Can swing out to a central position between the two front seats to keep the kids in the backseat entertained
  • Can switched between   landscape and portrait for versatile viewing.
  • Headrest is made of durable materials, to withstand any speed-bump or pot hole.
  • Screws tighten or loosen gadget on headrest pole
  • $39.95 with free shipping around Australia.
  • Available from