Five Cool Apps For Your Smartphone

 Want some cool apps for your iPhone or Android smartphone? Here’s a few that appeared on the Today Show. Dinner Spinner

·         Huge range of recipes

·         Divided into dish types, ingredients etc

·         You can specify certain ingredients and it will give you a choice of recipes to choose from

·         Excellent when you are stuck for dinner ideas

·         Gives you cooking times

·         Platform: Apple

·         Cost: Free


Fitness Pro

·         Over 450 exercises

·         Chose a preset routine or build own workout regime

·         Keep track of all your exercise regimes

·         Shows you how to do the exercise

·         Has “detail” option to show

·         Platofrm Apple


·         Cost: Free

Red Laser Barcode Scanner

·         Allows you to scan a barcode on products

·         Tells you the product and where you can get it the cheapest

·         Can also red QR codes, which are similar to barcodes

·         Cost: Free

·         Platform: Android



·         Easy to install app

·         Uses LED light on phone

·         Good for getting keys in car on dark night

·         Good for use at a concert or theatre

·         Platform: Android and Apple

·         Cost: Free



Textie Messenging

If you and a friend both have iphone but are still paying to text each othe, textie messenging allows you to communicate for free

Textie lets you send messages to any other textie user, any email address

Replies come straight back to the app, so you can use Textie with anyone, whether they have the app installed or not

Fast and easy to use

All messages are free

Cost: Free