Facebook Defacement On Nine News


Had an interesting interview on Nine News with Chris Urquhart, whereby the subject matter had some disturbing ramifications and left a bad taste in my mouth.

Recently three teenagers lost there lives in a horror crash in Melbourne. Aged just between 15 and 19, these three young people left a wake of grief behind them as family and friends struggled to deal with the loss of a small group of kids whose lives were just starting.

Being the 21st century, the way people deal with grief is markedly different from when I was growing up, and as one would expect from the younger generation, friends set up a Facebook page as a memorial and place where people could leave their condolences.

What the people who set up the account didn’t expect, and shouldn’t have to put up with, was a group of thoughtless, mean-spirited people leaving horrible and upsetting messages on the site, for what appears to be their own petty amusement.

Unfortunately Facebook has refused to shut down the site, which they don’t have to, but doesn’t make the grieving friends feel any better.

At the end of the day, this type of thing says more about the people who put up this kind of disturbing material and shows just how hateful and selfish some people can be.