Ebay Turns 15

I went on the Today Show this morning and spoke with Karl about the auction site, which has just turned 15. Although it has been around for 15 years, it is only in the last decade that it has really taken off.

It all started when a computer programmer Pierre Omidyar set up the site and sold a broken laser pointer for US$14.83, and he realised you could sell anything online.

Since then it has turned into company that has an operating income (2009) of just under US$9 billion.

So, what thought of things have been sold on eBay? As mentioned in the piece, the site has sold Brussel sprouts, Nutrigrain, and my personal favourite was when British disc jockey Tim Shaw flirted with model Jodie Marsh, live on air only for his wife to sell his Lotus Esprit for a ‘Buy Now’ price of 50p. He did end up buying it back for £5,000.

I also talked to Karl about DVD also being 15 years old. It took a while for the technology to become established, but it has almost been superceded by PVRs, blu-ray and internet downloads. The good news is there will be no more late fees, which for somebody like me, will be much appreciated.