Diet Apps on the Today Show

Spoke with Ben Fordham on the Today Show this morning about the Best Diet Apps to get over that Xmas malaise of eating too much and not exercising enough.

First, there was the Food Switch app, which allows you to decode the confusing labels you get on food in the supermarket. You scan the barcode and it will come up with the whether the food is high, medium or low in calories.

Weight Watchers also has an app that allows you to take the product with you into the supermarket. The app has recipes, and it will create shopping list of those recipes that you can get at the supermarket.

Then there is a training app from called the Nike Training Club app, which allows you to work out various parts of your body. It is a free app that gives you light regimes, heavy regimes as well as expert advice.

Finally there is Thin Cam, which is a app whereby you take snaps of the food you are eating, send it to them and then get advice on how healthy it is (or isn’t).