ChatRoulette – Eye Drops Essential

It’s a funny thing the Internet sometimes. I first visited at the beginning of the year and it was harmless. People were on the site saying ‘Hi’, ‘Where are you?’ and other introductory questions.

Today, the site, in my opinion, is full of people trying to shock others by their actions, voyeurs and attention seekers, and all i want to say is: “Don’t go there!”

No doubt some of you will – you’ll connect your webcam, dial in to your browser and hit f9 to connect. That is the only orderly features of this site. Where you go from there and what you see, not even Nostradamus could predict.

The creator of the site has used flash version 10 to stream the video. The main feature of version 10 is that the video coming from your PC can go directly to the other PC and vice versa, creating a reduced lag foot print on the host websites network resources.

After you hit connect, the website instantly connects you to someone else sitting at their computer, looking into their webcam and you are meant to start chatting about, well, whatever.

If you see some kind of bad behaviour from a user and want to report it, bad luck. There is no sign up process or user authentication, not that it would do any good anyway. Oh, sure, they tell you on the site that you can report abuses, but how are they going to trace the person doing the abuse? Some people are on the site for seconds.

I will leave you now, And please don’t visit or at least remember that when you do, you have been warned.