CES 2011 Has Begun

The next two days are the busiest of my annual calendar. I have to prep production for Today Show, CyberShack TV and a couple of corporate videos I have been commissioned to produce. I have two days to film it all, so my video editor in Sydney can cut the production together into a finished product.

It’s a tight turn around with Today Show will airing on Friday morning at 7:15am and CyberShack TV on January 23rd and 30th at 11am.

But I have plenty of help, which is lucky because the CES 2011 Expo is the biggest I have seen. The thing about CES is as the event gets bigger so does the effort you need to put in to properly cover it for you, the readers, viewers and in 2011, radio listeners. When you come to Las Vegas you need to be focused on the goal, find the best technology and get access to it so you can tell people why it is cool.

I will be spending the next two days on the convention floor doing just that and I look forward to sharing my thoughts as the event progresses. This year the easiest and fastest way to see what is going on is via CyberShack.com and Twiitter.  

You can follow me via my Twitter tag – ‘charlietech’ – www.twitter.com/ 
You can read CyberShack’s online coverage here – www.cybershack.com