Blackberry Bold on The Today Show – August 1, 2008

Welcome to August! This morning Karl and I discussed at 6:45am the Blackberry Smart phone offering, ‘The Bold’. I like it, it’s the phone that Blackberry had to release to offer customers the wider feature set that the competition is now launching into other phones in the market. Blackberry has been instrumental in building the concept of mobile email into an activity that is now accessible to so many.

The Bold has been receiving positive reviews, but it is still a tool that is mostly for business users wanting mobile email, with a few extra features added on. Whereas iPhone is an iPod (essentially a multimedia device) with a phone function added on.

If the Bold looks like something for you, then the cost will be much the same as the iPhone, especially if you get it from Optus. They’re launching on August 20th, at $10 a month for the Phone and $79 a month for the call plan – Check out the details here