Best Travel Apps on The Today Show

Spoke to Ben Fordham about apps you can use on your travels. First up was tripeats, which as the name suggests helps you find a place to eat when you are overseas. You put in the type of food you want, and it will then give you options in the area you are staying. it does not include franchises like MacDonald’s, KFC or Pizza Hut.

Then there is currencyconverter, which tells you exchange rates at the airport. It will give you the mid-range rate, not the upper or lower ends, so gives you a better idea of what you should get for your money.

How about freewififinder, which again, is pretty self-explanatory – it allows you locate places where there is free wifi connections for your laptop, handset or slate PC.

Finally there is roadninja helps you find restaurants, car parks, petrol stations and even types of foods if you so wish.