Best Bundles

Spoke with Karl on the Today Show this morning about the different bundles you can get with your phone, internet and mobile. There are quite a few out there, so I put together a few that I think are pretty good. However, while saying that, you are best to shop around for the best deals you can get, as each person’s needs are unique. Anyway, here are a couple I really like:


·         Super fast ADSL2+ speeds

·         $59.99 a month

·          Large monthly usage quota with bonus off-peak usage quota (150GB peak $350GB off peak)

·         FreeTPG IPTV Trial channels allowing you to watch quality TV channels on your PC

·         Free 20 email addresses and 30MB web space.

·         Any data  NOT used in the month is forfeited

·         Great quality Audio phone.

·         Choose to port your existing number or have TPG supply a new number

·         Reasonable Local, National and International

·         Get enhanced features for phone such as Call Barring, Number Display, Call Line Identification, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding at no extra charge.



·         $99 ‘yes’ Fusion

·         50GB broadband

·          Unlimited standard calls to Australian fixed lines

·         Unlimited Standard Calls to Australian GSM Mobiles

·         WiFi Modem included

·         24 month contract

·         Limited for peak and off peak to 64kbps once peak data exceeded


·         Home Ultimate Bundle 200GB – $159

·         200GB High Speed broadband

·         Unlimited local, STD and calls to any Australian mobile from your home phone along with discounted international rates.

·         $10 monthly credit towards International Direct Dial calls also provided

·         T-Box or T-Hub

·         Free home Network Gateway Wi-Fi modem