Apple Out Of Macworld After 2009

Visiting Macworld last year for the first time I was amazed at how much of the event was based around the Apple stand and the keynote from Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple. This was unlike an event such as CES which is full of thousands of vendors in all manner of different tech categories. One vendor could pull out and I would still be there with bells on.

However now that Apple are pulling out of Macworld I think that 2009 will be my last visit to San Francisco to attend the event. I would also be hedging my bets that it will not be too long before the vendors who buy stands to show off their stuff at Macworld, start looking around for another trade show where they will get even more exposure. Somewhere such as CES perhaps?

I’ll again be in the USA in early January to cover both the CES in Las Vegas and Macworld in San Francisco for Channel 9’s Today Show. If you have heard of anything that will be at either event that you think will be of particular interest, please shoot me a note and post a comment.