A Cyber Scammer Came Calling

I got a phone call the other day from someone selling me marketing services. They had a strong Indian accent, which I hate to say, did spark my scam filter, but it was the initial pitch from the caller that did more to get me thinking, ‘this is a scammer’. Marketing services that would triple the size of my business in three months were on offer and all I had to do was listen to the offer and move ahead with the plans. Hmm, what a load of crap I thought.

Anyway, as this was the first time I had a cybercriminal on the phone I decided to listen and ask a few questions. What was the service? What was the delivery? How much did it cost? After listening for a while I thought it was time to cut to the chase. “How do you feel ripping off people who can’t afford to be stolen from”. The caller said that they were not. I then asked how long they had been a cybercriminal. The caller hung up.

What a pathetic person, I wish you luck that you are able to pick a scam when it presents itself to you. I did and as you can see, the person bailed quickly once they realised their true reason for the call was clear.