A Current Affair – Project Natal

Later this year Microsoft will be rolling out Project Natal – its remoteless gaming widget that will can be connected to an Xbox and your arms and legs become the controller. This will take gaming to a whole new level, whereby the interactivity is now as close as you can get to be in a game without jumping into the screen itself.

This widget will get people off the couch and into exercise, even if the game is not exercise specific like Your Shape or Wii Fit. While some parents will still not be that happy about their kids spending too much time gaming, at least they will be getting some form of exercise.

Also out is Sony’s Move remote, which isn’t as funky as Project Natal, but certainly more interactive than current PS remotes, even the wireless ones. Similar to the Wiimote, the Move allows you to use the remote as an extension of your arm, which makes you get up and take a more active part in the game.

Also mentioned was a secret Nintendo project that involves a portable DS console that will have 3D capabilities without the need for glasses.

This year is turning out to be groundbreaking in the gaming stakes…