A Current Affair – 3D TV

Spoke with Damien Murphy on 3D television for A Current Affair. I know I’ve talked about this ad nauseam since CES, but the news has gone mainstream.

Some pundits are putting it out there that this technology will not take off for up to five years. Having been to CES, I can assure you that the big push this year, as far as vendors are concerned, is 3D television.

Sure, there will be the initial take-up by those who like to be the first to have this type of technology, and once enough of these sets have been bought, then the prices will come down. Will vendors sell an absolutely truckload this year? Probably not. But then again, when LCDs and plasmas first came onboard, it took time for them to be the norm, too.

Once you have experienced 3D television, you’ll see that vendors are serious about the technology, and is more than just gimmick value that its prototype was seen as back in the 1950s