3D TV With Cam and Leila

Spoke to Leila and Cam about the latest in 3D television technology, and like a lot of people I’ve come across lately, they were pleasantly surprised at how good it is.

We had Samsung’s latest in the studio, and included some glasses and a camera. Most sets will come with one pair of glasses, while the camera will cost extra and is designed for Skyping, which will be incorporated into the system.

As I explained to Cam, this particular unit will upscale 2D images to 3D, and obviously, any footage that has been shot in 3D will be shown in that format.

Cam asked about any health issues with regard to the unit. Some people have said not to watch it if you are on pregnant or some different medications. The main reason for these precautions is that when you look through the 3D glasses for any length of time, it sometimes upsets your depth of field perception. This can sometimes cause disorientation and dizziness.

I don’t think it will be a huge problem, but as with watching 2D television, you wouldn’t want to watch too much – everything in moderation.