3D Gaming – The Next Big Thing

Although in its infancy, 3D gaming could be the next big thing in this popular entertainment genre. While I consider myself at the ripe old age of 33 to be a granddaddy in gaming terms, I still enjoy the odd game and keep up with developments.

Taking to a few of the pro gamers at the World Cyber Games National Finals this past weekend, it seems a few of them are embracing it.

3D gaming allows you to be literally in the game itself. This adds a new dimension to the whole gaming experience. Strangely you don’t get heart palpitations or think real bullets are zinging by, but it does give the action nice up and close. When playing first-person shooter games the crosshairs on the firearm follows you around, and the splatter of bodies certainly makes for up close and personal experiences.

Already there are plenty of games out there, which can be used on a 3D screen, of which only Samsung really has a screen developed for it. However, there is news in the air that both Dell and HP might be developing laptops that can play 3D games. The games use an encoder box, which turn them from the normal 2D vision to 3D. And yes, you do need glasses.

So will it take off? Yes, I think it will. People are always after new experiences and developers are always after the next best thing and this could be it. Here’s hoping it takes off, and gets the support from third-party vendors it needs.