2UE With Steve Price – Star Wars Trainer

Steve asked me if I’d played much of the Rock Band: Beatles game, and I have. Given it a good go. I like being the drummer – brings the Ringo out in me! Graphics are Ok for this game, but what I really like is the music, which is outstanding. The publisher has really got this right.

Also mentioned was the Star Wars Jedi Training Tower. This is a bit pricey at $249, but the technology in it is really amazing. It uses brainwaves and wireless technology to move a ball up and down a little tower. You REALLY have to concentrate hard to make it work. As Steve said, so what? Well, what it does do is help you improve your concentration.

Had a few calls this morning with regard to the iPhone. John wanted to know if the Next G network would kick in if he left the ‘burbs and his 3G connection behind. Most iPhones should be synced up to both networks, but the only way to truly know is if you go to the Apple store and see if you SIM card is connected.

Dan was wondering if there was any way he could get his iPhone to sync with his PC without going through iTunes. Unfortunately not. There is some ripping software that can convert files so they can be downloaded. I will try and find the name of it and post it on here.

Another John was saying how he turned off his firewall in order to get his emails because they stopped coming through. This sounds like it could be a malware problem and he should run some security software through it. It is a very dangerous thing to turn off your firewall – a whole range of nasties could get in. Sure, you can switch it back on again after getting your emails, but it doesn’t take much to get a trojan in there.