2UE With Steve Price October 1

We discussed a few subjects on the show today, not the least Foxtel. First up, was the news that quite a few people have been having problems with Foxtel. I think part of the problem might be that Foxtel is always sending updates to its boxes, which, over time, might affect its performance. Steve also mentioned that the company is adding 30 more channels. They are bundling new channels to existing packages and they will cost you an extra $2-$4 a time. Nice of them to ask if that is OK. Not too sure if you get a choice in the matter or not, I’m under the impression it’s a take it or leave it option.

A gadget I had on the show was the Party Docking Station, which is a Sony product. You put your Sony camera on the docking station, and it uses face recognition technology to take pictures of people at a party. Of course, you have to be careful what you wish for, especially if you over indulge. It is also suitable for children’s parties, too. The photo quality is OK, not the best available, but it does the job.

First call I had was from Ben, who wanted to know if he should have a projector, plasma or LCD for his outdoor area. I always recommend LCD. I find it has the best quality, plus the screen from a plasma seems to get more reflection. I wouldn’t go for the projector, just based on the lamp power being used.

Rick was wondering if I had any pull with Foxtel because he has been with them for eight years, but he wasn’t eligible for the second set-top box that they are giving away free this month. I think this is a bit rough on their part, but I guess it is their way of trying to get more subscribers onboard.

Greg lives just outside Canberra and has a digital set-top box. Whenever they get wet weather we get a terrible reception. He’s annoyed that this happens with his digital signal. I have a couple of tips here. You need to shield your antennae. If you have a splitter and you are trying to split your cable that will also have an affect. If you have a bad signal and you get a booster, it will only make it worse. A booster is only for a weak signal, not a bad one.

Doug said that the bloke with the Foxtel needs to be more forceful when trying to get something out of them. I think he might be on to something there. Don’t take a backward step and they might come to the party.
Scotty wanted to know about tracking people via your mobile phone. You can be tracked via your mobile. When you are calling somebody on your mobile you are being tracked by the network.

Deborah bought her son-in-law a Navman for his birthday. It was stolen, and she thought that it might have been able to be traced, but it does not have a SIM card in it like a mobile phone. Sad but true!