2UE With Steve Price 13 August

Today’s gadget was Microsoft’s Bluetrack wireless mouse. So, as well as being wireless, was does it do? Microsoft has livened up the unit’s capabilities by making it workable on most surfaces, except glass. This means it can now work on wood, marble, and even carpet – which is very handy if you work on the go. It retails at about $89, which is a bit pricey, but then again, you won’t find the technology in its contemporaries.
Phone calls included Amanda who queried whether LED or 200Hz aspects of some of the new televisions coming out was the way to go. I’d ignore 200Hz at the moment, and can honestly say the picture quality of the LED is outstanding. So I would go that route if I was here.

Rosemary asked for the latest in Palm diary technology. Although she didn’t want one with mobile technology attached, I suggest she at least give it a try. Never be afraid to try new things – you’ll be surprised how straight forward technology is sometimes.

Pete was having problems with his Foxtel tuner interfering with him getting free-to-air television. We’ve had a few people with this problem with the Foxtel unit, so I’m guessing it is a problem at their end, not the consumers. Will try and get hold of them and sort it out for you.

We had a couple of people asking about digital tuners. John wanted to know why set-top boxes have such a low profile, when they have such great technology in them. No idea, but I would suggest that some people do not understand the technology, which translates into not being popular with resellers. Another person queried about digital dead spots in Canberra. Unfortunately, you need to get a booster (which this gentleman had done), or perhaps get cable when it comes out. He is situated by a mountain, which blocks the signal.

If you have any other queries, drop me a line…