2UE With Steve Leibmann

Great show today with a tonne of questions from listeners. First of all there is some good news for Tony, who was asking after a mobile phone that has AM radio. Sony Ericsson has the R306, which has AM radio. It was the only one I could find that does so.

Steve was having problems with his homepage, Football365, in that the video didn’t work properly. He was running Windows Vista, which should not have presented to much of a problem. However, if you are only interested in reading the content, then a good place to start is to turn off your graphics. This will speed up your computer. You could also get Adobe Flash upgrades, which could have caused the problem.

Maria accidentally reset the default size of her browser and didn’t know how to get it back to normal. The easiest way to fix this is to put your cursor at the bottom right-hand side of the window and expand it to the size you like. Then close the window. This should reset the window to open to the size you set it at.

Poor Lynette accidentally deleted her emails and was wondering how to recover them. I found a website that sells software that claims to recover lost emails amongst other things. Take a look here.

Donna asked for what is the best anti-virus, or security, software around. There are plenty of vendors in this category, but the most popular are Kaspersky, McAfee and Norton. I’ve used all three at some stage and they seem pretty good to me.

Finally, a call from John whose computer runs Vista, and he now has the Blue Screen of Death. What does this mean? Well, it means your computer has pretty well had it. Don’t take my word though, go to your local computer dealer and see if they can at least save your hard drive.

Keep the questions coming!