2UE – NBN and Pioneer iPod Dock



Spoke with Steve about the different plans both the Government and opposition are offering with regard to the NBN. Without going into all the gory details and boring you to death, it comes down to this: The government is offering up $45 billion that will more or less cover everybody with great speeds. The opposition is offering up $8 billion, and not everybody will have access to the high speeds. At the end of the day it comes down to either:

1)      Expensive and everybody has speed

2)      Cheaper but not as much speed.

Dave wanted to know about the iPhone 4, and about the business of the antenna playing up. The only way I could see if there were antenna problems was squeezing the bejesus out of it, and only then did it drop a receiving bar. I like the iPhone and I don’t use one because it is not as good to use overseas as other units.

Sam has an iPhone and was wondering about compatibility if he bought overseas. You have to make sure the frequency will work on our networks, so it should be OK.

Barbara was wondering about advice on digital radios for the visually impaired. While I don’t know of any that are produced specifically for that market, both Yamaha and Pure digital do produce some good units. I’m sure there will be something suitable in their product ranges for the visually impaired.

Not was not happy with ADSL 2 speeds so he has cut back to ADSL and is very happy. He had a T-box and the speed were not up to scratch so he had to give it back. He also wanted to know about the HTC Wildfire. It has a lot less features than most smartphones, but is also a lot cheaper, so it depends on what you want.

Bob wanted to change from Optus to TPG, but was told he would have to join up for the TPG’s $1 phone line rental promotion  but was told that it would take them five weeks to set him up. He wasn’t happy about it, but I’m unsure as to why there is a waiting period.

Sharon said that when she set up her broadband wifi it is affecting the television signal. There is no technical reason why it would affect it because the wifi signal is a lot lower than the television signal. Although it appeared