2UE and iPhone 4 Problems

Spoke about the Apple iPhone 4, which has been having reception problems overseas. What we do know is that Apple is great at spinning PR and are trying to play down the problem. I don’t know if they will recall the iPhone 4 but I have not seen people so angry about an apple product for a long time. The Aussie launch is at the end of the month, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. I think there will be some sort of software update to solve the problem in the very near future.

Had plenty of calls today including one from James said he was having a problem with his library not updating songs he transferred from his Mac to his iPod. There was this program called iPod Rip, but they had to change the name due to trademark, but it should still be around in some form. Another one was mentioned by Rachel called Senuti, which is iTunes spelled backwards. She thought it cost her about $8.

Michael was wondering if Huawei gear was any good. Well, I don’t know a lot about them, but they do have an office in Chatswood, Sydney, so there is local support, which is always a good sign. Michael also heard there was going to be an Android Christmas, and wanted to know if that was true. I think it will be in that there are going to be tablet PCs, which will be running off an Android system, while HP will have one that will run off the Palm OS. In the mobile market you have HTC Desire, Samsung and its Galaxy S and LG is bringing one out.

Shane wanted to know about upgrade to the 3GS iPhone. Steve Leibmann found that when he updated his iPhone 3 it slowed down his handset, so I’d advise that he waits until the new iPhone 4 comes out. Not too sure if it the amount of apps on the handset that is causing the problems – more software, more RAM is used.

Rod was after a mobile phone. He had an E52, but he is after another unit that comes with a patch lead because he drives all over Australia. Some handsets don’t offer these kinds of things. I would advise that he talk to his local mobile phone retailer, because there are different kinds of phones that can have patch leads, and he needs .

Gary asked about an E71 that was able to run a web browser called SkyFire so he could view web videos. But they have stopped catering for the Symbian O/S, which is what Nokia uses. Here’s a link that looks like it is an update for the Symbian O/S http://www.skyfire.com/product/skyfire-1-5-for-windows/.

Dorothy wanted to know about her TV with the VHS, and wanted to know whether it was worth getting a new PVR. She can buy a set top box and PVR from TEAC which will be able to tape shows. They are about $400-$500.