2GB – Trend Micro and Kids on the Internet

Had a lot of interesting questions as per usual on the show today. One question was how to delete files from the Kindle. Have a listen here and you can see how simple it can be – it’s about 3.30 minutes into the podcast.

Spoke to David Peterson from Trend Micro about a recent survey they brought out on internet usage. It was interesting to find out a few things. Almost 81 percent of the parents believe their children’s privacy is of utmost importance to them, yet the average age of children using a social networking account is about 12. Interesting in that the actual join up age of Facebook is 13.

Another interesting fact was that one in six parents have given their children a smartphone, although they do give them guidance on how to use one – ie, they limit texting etc.

Trend Micro, Nortons, Kaspersky and other companies that specialise in security software now have products that can help monitor children’s usage of the internet as well as set parental guidelines.

My product of the week was the Toshiba 7-inch slate called the AT1SO, which has two HD cameras, is nice and small and is not a bad little unit considering it is under $500.