2GB – Today Show at Online Centre in Sydney

We had an Outside Broadcast at the Online Centre in Sydney. I talked to AMD Country Manager Brian Slattery about CPU’s (central processing unit), and GPUs (graphical processing units). Brian gave the analogy that the CPU is like the right side of the brain for a computer, while the GPU is like the left.

Today the GPU is very important – the Graphic aspect of the GPU especially as these days we are using our PCs to watch videos, live streaming and look at photographs.

What AMD has done is join the CPU and GPU together and we now have a hybrid called an APU – Accelerated Processing Unit. It is designed to make things faster and is claimed to have a lower power consumption than the GPU and CPU. Brian also said that this power consumption being lessened is due to there not being as many different parts of a computer drawing on separate powers sources. He also said that this has not lead to massive price increases in desktop or laptop PCs, which is good for the consumer.