2GB Sunday September 18

Had a few interesting calls this week, but one that really caught my eye was from Steve who had lost an auction on eBay only to be gazumped by another person, which is against the rules of ebay. However, things took a nasty turn when Steve objected to the way the situation was handled and told the seller that he thought she was out of order. What followed were a few nasty emails and SMS’s. My advice to people is not to get involved in these types of things. I know it can be very annoying when this happens, but you have to ask yourself if it is worth the heartache. If it gets too nasty, I would involve the authorities and get hold of ebay and tell them what has happened.

Also spoke to Louie Bousalim who installs control systems in houses. One thing he uses is Control 4, which is a universal remote that can control every piece of remote control gear in your house – from all you AV gear, to airconditioning through to your curtains.

Gadget fo the Week

Waterproof iPad Cover

  • Stops water getting on your iPad
  • Great for beach, pool, in the rain
  • Also ideal for kitchen or bathroom
  • Touch screen aspect of the iPad is not affected at all
  • Believe it or not, was invented in Japan because some users there like using their iPad in the shower or bath
  • RRP: $49.99


Swann 4GB PenCam

  • Shoots colour videos and high res images.
  • Also works as a ballpoint pen
  • Records up to 90 mins of video.
  • Simply untwist and use as a USB memory stick to upload to your PC.
  • Captures video for YouTube and Facebook
  • Available from Dick Smith
  • $89.95