2GB Sunday June 12

So we spoke to John Fragiadakis from Samsung about a caller who was having problems with his new Samsung TV. It seems that the audio on his HD channels were not working properly even after buying an audio converter.  The problem according to John is that Australia broadcasts in two different audio formats – MPEG 2 and AC3. You can get a converter that will change a signal from digital to analogue, but in the long term you are going to have to get a new system for your surround sound.

Congratulations to Ian from Harrington Park in NSW, who won our Laser Digital radio. Well done Ian! There will be another one up for grabs next week.

I also had an interesting phone call from Ben who talked about recovering data from a hard drive and some of the problems that this can entail. This week on the program we will be talking to a data recovery specialist about such problems and hopefully give you an insight as to how these problems can be solved.

Finally, one of our listeners, Eddie,  wanted to know if anybody had heard of any program that will burn files to a DVD and will keep the files date and time and put it on the actual file, then leave a comment or drop us a line.