2GB on May 28th – PC Tools and Garmin Approach G3

Spoke to Robert again who called last week about being called up from a scammer telling him that he had a virus on his computer. I took his computer to PC Tools, who are a software security company that have a diagnostic laboratory in North Sydney. They found 32 threats on Robert’s computer, which is more of a concern because he is not a great user of the computer, and yet he a reasonably high number of threats on his C Drive.

Customer service manager for PC Tools, Grant Dawson, said that Robert did everything right. He hung up, didn’t give them control of his computer (which is what they wanted) , and took down their phone number when queried.  

Product of the week was the Garmin Approach G3, which is a GPS designed to help you with your golf game. It has over 600 Australian golf courses on it. What it basically does is measure the distance you are from a hole at any point on the course – it is almost an electronic caddy.