2GB LiveScribe Interview

Spoke to LiveScribe CEO Jim Jim Marggraff about the LiveScribe pen, which is like a mini computer in a pen. You write on the paper and it records what you are writing so you can download it to a PC, and you can record conversations and play them back. It is a great little unit.

My product of the week was the Samsung 305V notebook, which comes in at a very nice price point. Here are some of its features:

  • New generation of notebook with speed to burn and power savings
  • With the AMD APU processor set to make graphics (watching movies/home movies etc) best available
  • Makes the notebook a true multimedia device
  • Bezel just over 1cm so is super thin
  • Instant power up button so no mucking around
  • Better battery life due to the new AMD processor
  • Uses Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Battery life by using internal graphics for basic tasks
  • Turns on the second graphics processor when you need it
  • $749

If it is near the end of the month and you still have some of your data allowance to go, here are some suggestions to use it up:

  • Up-date patches
  • Download that piece of software you were planning to buy
  • Watch a tonne of on videos
  • Play a tonne of online games (if you’re so inclined)

Also, German-based Aussie retailer Aldi has announced a product – The Fission External 4-in-1 hard drive, DVD, USB and card reader device – has been withdrawn from sale because the operating system has a virus in it.