15 Years Since The WWW Was Officially Created

First Web Server
It is really hard to be excited about 15 years of official World Wide Web existence when your home internet connection has been offline since March 2nd, and your office internet connection has now died too. Laugh at me if you like, I am. It is the only thing that I can do to cure the frustration being felt by my family and now my team at the office, at not having access to the one of the world’s most important services.

This is not a whinge looking to spank a particular provider, but rather to highlight that when the web drops out, you realise what a blessing the internet really is and how dependent you’ve become on its services.

Iprimus is our provider at home, and we have found out that the problem is the phone line has been disconnected to the Node in street. That is a serious problem, and one that was not discovered until I had our telecommunications contractor (the guy who installs our office phone system) make a site visit (at my expense of course). He laughed when he heard our phone company recommended we ‘Plug our modem into the phone socket, then call technical support to work through the problem’. Yeah, that will help won’t it!
We’ve all got broadband horror stories, this is mine and I have been living with it since March 2nd when we returned home and saw a Telstra technician working on the Node at the top of our drive way. We’ve now unleashed the telecommunications ombudsman on them by making a formal complaint, in the meantime we continue to wait for our service to be restored.

Arriving at the office this morning and were told by our provider that Optus (their wholesale partner) is having a state wide network problem and therefore the internet (and email) is down. Our provider has therefore wholesales through Optus and therefore can not help with providing a time when a resolution will be found.

We have a solution, we have plugged in a wireless HSDPA modem and are routing all the internet traffic through that. We now have web, but no email.

Happy 15th birthday to the World Wide Web, it would be nice if it could all start working again so we could celebrate with everyone else!

Share your horror stories with us, it makes you feel better I promise.