Life & Technology – 2GB 13th Jan, 2024

Samsung took center stage by unveiling two extraordinary advancements in television technology. The spotlight was on the groundbreaking Transparent Micro LED TV, a marvel seamlessly blending design and functionality, offering a transparent display when not in use. Samsung will also focus on more AI integrations for the year ahead.  We had a chat with Samsung Australia’s Vice President – Consumer Electronics, Jeremy Senior, who shared what’s coming from Samsung in 2024.  

Samsung’s AI-Driven Devices & Services Unveiled at CES 2024

Among the technological marvels unveiled, a spotlight shines on LG’s wireless transparent TV, redefining home entertainment with futuristic design and cutting-edge wireless capabilities. We spoke with Tony Brown, Head of Home Entertainment Marketing fromLG Electronics Australia who discussed about LG OLED T and QNED TVs that will be released in 2024.  

LG Unveils World’s First Transparent OLED TV

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