Onlines Predators Removed From Myspace

On the Today Show this morning we discussed online predators, and a recent article that outlined there have been 90000 known sex offenders recently removed from the service in the US.

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Facebook – Polling and Deactivation

Karl and I discussed on the Today show this morning the new initiative from Facebook of polling selected members for the purpose of market research. The idea is that big companies want to know what potential customers think about their products and are prepared to pay for the privilege.

Facebook on the other hand is trying to work out how to make money from its 150 million users.

So, if you’re using facebook the choice is that you put up with the odd note on your page asking if you want to be part of a poll, or you stop using Facebook. But has anyone ever tried to stop using Facebook, deactivate their account and remove their information from the service?

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