Life and Technology – 2GB August 17th


This week on Life and Technology Radio Show on 2GB, we have George Saad from Sandisk to talk about solid state drives (SSD) and how they differ from the typical hard drive. He’ll specifically discuss the advantages of using a SSD over the typical hard drive, its storage capacities and its price.


Also on the show today is Raj Singh from Tempo, a smart calendar app that syncs all your contacts, puts all your meetings and appointment in one place, and will even provide directions to where your meetings will be held.  Raj Singh will talk about the origin of Tempo and its features.


Charlie also answered some calls from the show’s listeners and Twitter followers.


In case you missed the show, here's a link to our weekly podcast. If you have any questions or concerns for Charlie, you can leave them below and he’ll get back to you as soon as he can.