HTC Desire – It's Alive – Updated

In July this year my daughter, who is now just over two years old, decided (or just did) throw my HTC Desire smart phone into a bucket of water.

Splash, was the audible reward that she got for the task. She was thought it was very funny, here was a ‘think’ that dad used some times and when it is thrown into water it makes a cool sound.

The phone was on, the phone sank into the water and then my wife, who is quick at repairing lifes little 2 year old adventures when they go wrong, fished it out and handed it back to me.

The phone was dead, I know when a phone is dead and it was dead!! Anyway, being the experiment with technology guy I promptly removed the battery, sim card and memory card too. I dried them all off and then placed them in an air tight container with some of those gel tabs I stole from the shoe boxes of my wife.

I like the HTC Desire. It is a top of the line Android phone, and I had heard that Telstra has just pushed out the Android 2.2 (froyo) up-date, which I was really keen to try. As the HTC was dead and at the same time I was offered for use another Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S, up until now I have had not missed it too much.

However Froyo is not yet available in Australia for Galaxy S, so before it arrives (it’s being pushed out in Nordic countries and Europe now) I wanted to get it added on my phone. The up-date (when it arrives) will fix the phone management and mean longer battery life. I am also reading that the operation of the phone will be even snappier. Also, just recently I tried to download the new Skype app for Android, and it does not work on the GalaxyS.

So on the weekend I decided, stuff it. I will see if that HTC Desire is going to work post bucket bath.

I opened the container, placed the battery and memory inside, and it booted up. I was gobsmacked. The phone was dead, this was like the little mouse ‘Mr Jingles’ in the movie ‘The Green Mile’. Not only did it boot up, it asked me immediately if I wanted to run the Android 2.2 up-date!

So, I ran the up-date and the HTC Desire is in business, operating better than ever. For a $750 phone to work, again, after it’s bath I am impressed. Four months it sat in the container while the gel tabs carefully sucked in any moisture in the air, and now I am using it again.