Gadgets On The Today Show – October 22, 2008

It was great to join Karl on the Today Show this morning and talk about some cool gadgets that are both on their way to stores and in stores now. If you wanted any more details of the products we discussed, here they are:

First up we discussed the ‘Sing Stand’. This is a microphone and speaker kit that plugs into your mp3 and becomes and singing karaoke machine. We weren’t able to fire the test unit on set, but back at our offices a few days ago the Sing Stand was put through it’s paces and it was a lot of fun. I sounded terrible, but the Sing Stand would need to be a space age device to change that!

SingStand is not yet in Australia, the device we had was a prototype, but I will check with the distributors and give you an up-date of it’s arrival shortly.

Up next was the Samsung ‘Innov8’. If you have ever wanted a phone and camera in one, with the camera taking great shots, with a flash and face recognition so people are in focus, this is it.

Check some of the reviews around the web to see if it is right for you – GSM Arena

Many of you have already emailed in about the Creative Nado. This is a very basic, and surprisingly easy to use video camera that records, plays and uploads to your pc. It’s perfect for making short video clips for YouTube and other website. The resolution is low from the 2.0 megapixel camera, however it does a good job of doing what it is designed to do. I did say that it costs about $100 and you will notice on the website that it says RRP of $150. However there has been a cash back offer of $50 recently and I have seen stores advertising it at $100 so shop around if you are in the market for this one.

Read more about it on the Creative Website – Click Here

Finally this morning we discussed the Squeeze Box from Logitech. I’ll put it out there that this is a silly name, but the product is fantastic if you like listening to unique types of music. It works simply by hooking into the wireless connectivity of your broadband modem and then it is up to you to choose the station you want to listen to. Using a device like this will mean you use more data on your internet plan, however that is a small price to pay for about 4000 channel of music from every variety you could ever want.

Read more about the Squeeze Box on the Logitech website – Click Here